El Toro 3

Electronic Ejaculator and Immobiliser
for bulls and rams

El Toro 3 Carry Case

The El Toro 3 Electro-Ejaculator is a manually operated electronic electro-ejaculator, suitable for semen collection from bulls and rams using a rectal probe.

It incorporates a rear-end immobiliser using the same probe.

The El Toro 3 is powered by rechargeable batteries with enough reserve to enable a full days work if required. A mains powered charger is supplied for recharging purposes.

It is supplied in a black and silver aluminium carry case, along with a 70mm diameter probe for bulls, 2 cables for connecting the probe to the control box, a mains charger and some small accessories. The case measures approximately 47x37x17cm and weighs about 9.5 kg.

This highly successful, technically and electronically advanced device offers a choice of two ejaculation modes to minimise stress in the animal, yet obtain superior results from even the most difficult.

Designed and manufactured by ERG, it is the culmination of our 25 years experience in this field.

Built in the same rugged style as the previous El Toro models, it is even more robust and has improved looks.

An immobilizer mode for the hind quarters is a boon for maintenance procedures such as sheath washing etc.

The control unit is compatible with all the El Toro 2 accessories which provides an economical upgrade path for existing customers.

El Toro 3 Control Unit Bull Probe Ram Probe

The full kit comprises:

  • El Toro 3 control unit
  • mains charger
  • bull probe
  • 2 probe cables
  • smart custom fitted aluminum carry case.
  • (9 more items . . .)

The ram probe is available as an accessory for which a storage compartment is already provided in the carry case.

Additional standard accessory probes are also available ranging from 15mm through to 90mm, and 110mm for rhino and elephant.

Export enquires welcome.

See the El Toro 3 Owner's Manual.

Mini Stage 2

Mini Stage 2

The Mini-Stage 2 makes it possible to view temperature sensitive biological samples on a portable microscope in the field.

The temperature can be set between 35°C and 39°C.

The small portable heated plate can be powered from -

  • 220V mains,
  • a vehicle battery,
  • small 12V battery.

This truly versatile heated stage can be easily transferable from one microscope to another.

It measures 80mm x 80mm by 5mm thick, and comes supplied with a -

  • mains power unit for operation in the laboratory,
  • connecting cable to operate from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket when in the field.

Export enquires welcome.

See the Mini Stage 2 Owner's Manual.

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