Laboratory Heated Stage

Laboratory Heated Stage

Bifilar wound heating elements are built into your existing microscope stage in our workshop, where feasible. Sometimes the stage has a large central insert in which case this is heated.

There are no electro magnetic emanations from the heater and no electrical switching noise from the temperature controller.

Temperature is adjustable from 25°C to 50°C,
Calibration definition is 0.1°C.

Temperature is displayed on a liquid crystal display on the control panel.

Wrong Temperature Alarm: When the desired temperature has been selected, an alarm function is synchronised with the selection, and if the setting is inadvertently disturbed the operator is notified.

Laboratory Heated Stage - Control Unit

Temperature Drift is typically 0.3°C depending on the heating transfer properties of the individual stage itself.

The 220 volt electronic controller unit is housed in a handsome metal enclosure connected to the stage by a cable.

See the HS-50 Heated Stage Owner's Manual.

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Laminar Flow Heating

Based on the same controller unit used with the heated stage conversion, this unit provides the same facilities and accuracy as the Laboratory Heated Stage above.

Special heating attachments are fitted in our workshop, providing temperature controlled areas on the cabinet work surface.

Laminar flow cabinets are used when a clean environment, free of particles or biological contaminants, is required. Common examples include working with tissue cultures or semiconductor wafers.

Laminar flow cabinets prevent airborne contamination from entering the cabinet workspace. The laminar flow of air minimizes cross-contamination of samples within the cabinet.

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