Biological Dosing Unit

Bio-Dosing Unit

The Bio-Dosing Unit is used for keeping drainage systems free of build up and blockages by dosing a preset amount of enzyme at preset intervals.

It is suitable for dosing a controlled amount of enzymes or other products into drains and grease traps.

The dosing interval can be set from 3 to 24 times a day; the volume to be dosed can also be adjusted.

The installer selects a time interval between doses and sets the volume of each dose.

The enzyme material is dispensed by a peristaltic pump which eliminates the need for a foot valve, and can work with long lengths of piping and viscous fluids.

Bio-Dosing Unit - interior

An installation kit is supplied with the unit.

See the Installation Manual.

We also supply a wide range of Accessories and DIY items for the chemical industry installer.

Control Circuits

Hand Wash Timer

Hand Wash Timer

The Hand Wash Timer is designed to be installed in any environment where employees are expected to wash their hands at regular intervals.

It can be adjusted to sound a beeper every 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes.

The loudness (High and Low) and duration (Long and Short) of the beeper can be selected on the PC Board.

The unit is powered by 3x AA cells which should give you many months of service before needing to be replaced.

The only externally accessible control is an On/Off Switch.

The Hand Wash Timer is supplied with double sided tape applied to the rear of the unit so it can be stuck against a wall at a suitable location.

Ware Washer Controller

Ware Washer Controller

This electronic circuit is intended to economically replace mechanical controllers used in some ware washing machines.

Housed in a PVC enclosure it can be placed anywhere convenient in the machine.

Speed Controllers

Two types are popular:
one is for small DC motors, the other for small 220 volt AC motors.

The DC Speed Controller compensates for load variations and maintains the selected speed of DC peristaltic pumps and such small DC motor driven applications.

The AC Speed Controller gives an average speed reduction by running the motor on a variable, reduced duty cycle. Intended for small AC motors such as peristaltic pumps.

In both cases the speed range is continuously variable by means of a rotary control.

We also offer a variety of control circuits for DIY use. See the PC Boards detailed in the Do It Yourself section.

Other Control Circuits

Various other control circuits are produced from time to time to meet customer requirements.

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